At Skin Results we are no ordinary Skin and Beauty Clinic – we understand Skin from the inside out.

Knowledge and Experience – This is the key to ensure you are well informed and being prescribed the most sophisticated ingredients /technologies which are Science based, have proven clinical studies and must deliver results. After all we named our Business “Skin Results”. All this without compromising on the health of our clients. We recognise that not all ingredients are safe and we choose to avoid ingredients/technologies that could potentially affect the health of our clients. That means going the extra mile and we would expect nothing less.

No fluffy stuff – just honest advice by a trained Dermal Esthetician.



At Skin Results we are no ordinary skin and Beauty Clinic – we understand Skin from the inside out. No skins are the same. The quality of your skin is our priority. This means finding a solution to solve your skin concerns and helping you to maintain a healthy skin.

How and Why? Knowledge and experience is the key to ensure you are well informed and being prescribe the most sophisticated ingredients /technologies which are Science based, have proven clinical studies and delivery systems to ensure they actually work. All this without compromising on the health of our clients or results. We recognise that not all ingredients are safe and we choose to avoid ingredients/technologies that could potentially affect the health of our clients, while still ensuring positive changes to your skin.

No fluffy stuff – just honest advised by a trained Dermal Esthetician.

Skin health is an investment

Our qualified Dermal Esthetician will eliminate the guess work, save you money and time by customising a skin program tailored to your skin needs. Think of us as your Skin Coach. And like all good coaches it is about providing support and developing a trusting relationship focused on results for YOU!
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Do you need help with your skin?

We welcome all skins and skin colours

Do you need help choosing correct products for your skin?

We treat rosacea, acne rosacea, sensitive skin, acne, pigmentation, scarring, and anti-aging. We also offer aftercare to help repair and heal skin that may require assistance following chemo, radiation treatment, inflamed skin from incorrect skin treatments, reaction to ingredients, environmental elements or hormonal changes.

What Makes Skin Results different? 

Skin Results is an environmentally conscious clinic, our skincare options are science based, trialled and researched, cruelty free, no testing on animals, vegan options, no nasty chemicals, natural and organic ingredients. All this without compromising on results.

Knowledge & Experience

30 years’ experience working with Dermatologists, Cosmetic surgeons, trained by Bio Scientist.

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Safe choices

Ingredients are like a Tool Kit to a Skin Therapist. And like any tools, quality measures the output and performance.

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No to the Quick Fix Approach

No! We definitely do not Support the “Quick Fix” approach As results are usually short term.

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Honest Professional advice

It’s all about building a trusting relationship with our clients to find a solution to your Skin Concerns safely and effectively.

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Jeffrey P. McAllister, CEO

I love the way I can contact Karen at anytime with any skin problem and she always comes back with a product and a solution which works every time.
Karen is totally committed to her Clients.


I was battling with adult acne for over 10 years. Using products that were damaging my skin and changing the pigmentation so much that even at the rare times the acne was in control I felt I needed to wear makeup every day as my skin was patchy and scar marked. I was embarrassed by my appearance and extremely self-conscious about it.

After the second visit I could already see the results Karen and the products were achieving. Within 6 months of seeing Karen she had my acne under control and my skin was repairing.

My professional confidence and personal self-esteem suffered due to the battle with my skin. Now I am confident to leave my house without any makeup at all. I could never have imagined doing that a year ago. My skin looks amazing and has a fabulous glow.

Karen has quite literally changed my life and I am so grateful to her.


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