Hands are exposed to the elements all year around. So it’s not surprising that they age faster than other parts of the body. We have options to help rejuvenate hands to treat sun-damage, pigmentation, texture and increase volume to the upper surface of hands (reducing the veiny appearance)

Costs vary depending on the treatment. We recommend a night hand treatment product as part of the process.

Hand rejuvenation can be a two-staged process which can be done individually or in a combination


This is an advanced treatment for treating pigmentation and to improve texture. Achieved by using specialised hand treatment products, Dermapen cryo and a series of deep peels to the backs of the hands. Usually 2-3 Peels maybe necessary. Spaced 4-5 weeks apart. We do not recommend you undergo this procedure in summer.


The appearance of exposed veiny hands which have lost their plumpness over time can be successfully treated by injecting a natural substance called hyaluronic acid (results will depend on quantity used) into the affected area. There is an instant impact which improves after the treatment has been completed and treatment usually lasts up to a year.


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